Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Book to Film Adaptations

With all of the excitement over the Hunger Games, I am just going to list off the best movies which are, in my opinion, the top five best book to film adaptations.
  1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe 
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. The Hunger Games
  4. Water for Elephants
  5. The Help
Sorry Harry Potter. You just got the books all wrong.

Hunger Games

Who knew that a book about the forced murder of 23 kids could be so popular? And then make a movie that is so popular? Bizarre, yes. But yet we all still seem to be perpetually on that bandwagon.
I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoyed Hunger Games.
Its not Harry Potter or anything, but the book was still really good. After the first one, I felt that the following two left much to be desired, but still, that first book was so interesting and different to anything I had read before.
And the movie?
Oh. My. Goodness.
It was so good.
True, the camera work made me want to vomit after the first three minutes of "Let's be as jerky as we can! Whee, this is fun!" but it was still really good. I read the books about three years ago before they were THE Hunger Games, and from what I remember the movie followed the book very well. The actors were all phenomenal, and while it was a tad on the long side for me, I felt very pleased by the end of it.
If only all book-to-movie adaptations could be this good *cough cough* Harry Potter *cough cough.*
When the cast was first released, it seemed like a lot of people had some problems with Josh Hutcherson but I found him to be a great actor in this movie. My Team Gale friend sitting next to me huffed quite a lot throughout the movie (especially at the kissing scene) but I found him to be simply superb. All the other actors did a good job too, I just want to give Josh some credit. And the scene with Rue? I almost cried.
And my parents think I'm dead inside.
(So you don't get freaked out, its just because I didn't cry when Beth died in Little Women. But seriously, I just wanted to keep reading while my mom was sitting there with tears pouring down her face. What do you expect from a six-year old?)
 I'm not going to get into the plot or anything, because if you don't know anything about what this book/movie is about, I would highly advise you to climb out from underneath your rock. But this movie was truly phenomenal and I would suggest anyone to go see it.
(4/5 stars. Just knocking one off because I almost threw up. Don't be judgemental.)