Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do not try this at home...

Okay, I know that I tried this at home, but I am simply advising others against it. I decided to make Hatter Madigan's hat from The Looking Glass Wars, which is a top hat that flattens down forcing several sharp blades out that are very good for slicing things. I realized that this probably wasn't the smartest of ideas fairly quickly, so I decided that I would not wear or attack anyone with the hat. Just quickly make it, take a picture, and disassemble it. I am pretty fond of my eyes and of not being in prison. Whether you are or not, I do not know.... (But for all legal reasons, I am uninvolved and therefore unable to be blamed) So here is the beautiful hat: :)
Isn't it amazing? That Hatter has got to be jealous.

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