Thursday, January 26, 2012


Legend was the second book that ended up in my "read all the dystopian books possible in the next month." It took me a little longer to get a hold of, since it was taken out at the library, so I had hopes that this would turn out to be a good book as so many people wanted to read it. My suspicions were luckily correct. It was a thrilling book that was hard to put down. I finished it in a single weekend while I was waitressing for 6 hours and playing my drums for a solo competition. While it may be slightly stereotypical, cookie cutter dystopian book, Marie Lu threw a wrench in the plot. Instead of a completely brainwashed nation, the United States has been cut in half and the country is at a point where it doesn't even remember being united. June has been brainwashed by the government. She is the elite soldier that they love and who could be a great asset for their schemes. Day is the government's most wanted criminal. Of course, they meet and Day introduces June to the truth the government has been hiding from her. While I admit that this happens in pretty much every dystopia novel (in fact, looking at this plot it looks surprisingly similar to that of Matched) Lu has created an engaging novel that you can't put down and is definitely worth the read. (4/5 stars.)

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