Saturday, January 28, 2012

Year of the Dragon

I honestly had no idea whatsoever as to what adventure to pursue for Falling Leaves. Unless I traveled to China, there was no real way for me to recreate her life. So I was forced to create my own China. Yesterday we ordered a ton of Chinese food (which I don't even like) and polished off the evening with a Jackie Chan movie (which I do like.) I am starting to feel like this version of China could seem a little racist as to what we assume of the Chinese. Oh well. This is the best I could do. By the way, it is really hard to eat with chopsticks. I swear that shish-ka-bobs were created for people like me who can't use them. I was left to eat with my kid chopsticks. They pretty much rock:
Who knew that pandas have such long legs anyways? My fortunes were pretty lame too. Last year, my cousin got a fortune that said "An attack or windfall is present in your near future," or something to that effect. A few seconds later I attacked him from the back while he promptly choked on his fortune cookie. Now THAT is a good fortune.
Who really wants to earn anything?
We watched Shanghai Knights with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, which was good but it would have been nice to know before hand that it was a sequel. It would have made more sense. Plus, you may not want to watch it with your dad... It is quite, um... Awkward....
Oh well, happy year of the dragon!

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