Saturday, February 25, 2012

There You'll Find Me

I loved this book for several reasons. 1) It takes place in Ireland, so I am trying to convince my parents that I simply must do my blog adventure-ing for this novel there. 2) The main character's name is Finley, which is just kinda a cool name. 3) Finley doesn't like the whole vampire craze either, just like me. 4) Finley falls in love with a vampire actor anyways, which kinda disproves number 3, but the vampire actor doesn't really like vampires either, so I guess it is okay.
Okay, here is the synopsis: Finley's brother died, and she wants to become close to him again, so she goes to one of his favorite places in the world, Ireland. Somehow, she manages to sit next to teen heartthrob, Beckett Rush (stupid name, I know.) Even though she is cold and distant with him, he finds her attitude refreshing and decides to help her find all the places her brother went to. You can kinda guess what happened with that. Still, it was a refreshing novel that makes you want to laugh and cry, but definitely reaffirms your faith in both God and love. A must read and a 5/5 star-er.

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