Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have to read a dystopian book for AP English, so I decided that with all the Hunger Games hype going on, I should try to read more books of that nature and then do an article for NeXt in the Buffalo News... Plus I get to use the books for my blog. Is that multi-tasking or what? I started off my dystopian phase with Matched. It follows the pretty generic "government has taken over everybody's lives, life stinks without us knowing because we are all brainwashed" format. Everything is chosen for you, where you work and who you love. There are no books or outside thinking allowed. Cassia Maria Reyes has been matched to be with her best friend, Xander, but ends up falling for the mysterious Ky, who is an outsider. Of course, he awakens within her a realization that this form of government isn't good, and she needs to decide whether or not to play it safe like the government wants, or go against everything she believes in. Of course. Despite the plot being pretty generic, author Ally Condie creates an interesting, well written world that is worth the read. Matched gets a magical 3/5 stars.
Matched [Book]

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