Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stop Motion

This is just something cool that I found on the magic machine that is the wonderful internet... But it is book related!:
I love all this stop motion stuff (but it is very tedious) so I created a video over the summer through a class at my school, and promptly put it on Facebook for all the world to see before deleting it off my then-full camera. How I regret that now. Due to some technical difficulties, it is refusing at gunpoint to show up. It was so amazing too! There were books and they were attacking a mannequin. The mannequin didn't like it very much. Alas, I cannot share it with you, but I will work on making it possible as soon as my computer decides to negotiate. (Which means I will be going into a several hour long Union meeting... Boy will this be fun.) Still, return soon and I will hopefully have the video posted along with another review. To see the books I am reading, just glance over to the sidebar, and I may post on it later this week. Happy watching!

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